Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I took another trip to my hiking spot the weekend before last, but unfortunately it wasn't to hike. I had actually planned on making it a hike with friends, but that morning as I was packing I ended up spraining one of my toes! I was completely bummed because I had been anticipating the trip for days before! Nevertheless, I didn't cancel the trip. Just the hike. My sweet sister (below) helped me walk around as we visited Mt. Tamalpais (which is my favorite hiking place and is located north of San Francisco).

It's always a risk when we go because the weather likes to change at the drop of a hat up there. On the clearest of days you can see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from the top. On others, everything down below seems to be covered in a blanket of clouds. Which still happens to make for spectacular views.

After tackling the mountain, we also took a quick trip down to Muir Beach (also pictured in my last post).

It's always nice to take advantage of where you live and explore the nature that surrounds us. And if I were allowed to plop a tent up on top of that mountain, I would :). How amazing would it be to wake up to that view everyday?

*For a clear view from the top, compare with the post on May 2nd. Specifically the last picture.

This past weekend I took advantage of the sudden calming of the weather and took another trip up North of San Francisco. Whenever I go up there I find that I'm always blasting some Bon Iver. I find it reminiscent of that calm feeling of being by the shore.
I was excited today to find out that they have a new album coming out in June... woo more road trip music!
In the meantime you can enjoy a free download of their song 'Calgary' on their website :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The school semester is over finally!! I am so ready to get back into things and make something happen :). Meaning in part that I'm going to get back into sewing and into posting here as well. I'm also looking forward to cooking and hiking like crazy over the next few months so you'll probably be seeing some of that in here too.

In the meantime I can't resist sharing some of my hiking photos. Here are some from my last hiking trip at one of my favorite places north of San Francisco near the coast. It starts at the top of a mountain and reaches all the way down to the beach. Makes for such breathtaking views along the way!